Random Memories

Having the inside of my nose licked by a howler monkey… Not kidding… (Costa Rica)

Listening to what sounded like an intergalactic war or gun shooting scene from Star Wars while walking through Puerto Jimenez at night… All that was missing was some light sabers!  Luckily it was just the local frogs:)

Attending a funeral for a friends dog (he was being buried on the beach at night).  Then looking over to see two random other townspeople having sex just down the way from the burial!  I don’t know that they would have picked that spot had they known of the impromptu funeral!  It took all I had not to laugh!!

Realizing that “yes, those were gunshots…”

Wondering if I should change rooms at the hostel because one of the roommates just told me he’s had to change his name several times before…

Having a serious anxiety attacks because I did not look both ways before stepping into the bicycle lane while trying to cross… (Germany)

Watching Sara Evans perform Live during a music festival (2014 Key West) from the rooftop of a bar while taking a break between shifts…

Watching a crab scurry across the nighttime beach, chasing the shadow of my finger thinking it was a food source… Kinda cruel, I know, but entertaining nonetheless! (Thailand)

Drinking a soda to-go from a platic bag… I think they were out of cups. (Thailand)

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