Panama, Panama, Panama… while I did spend a decent amount of time exploring this country honestly it wasn’t one I was terribly impressed with.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many places in Panama that are adorable and great, but overall the country was just too American for me.  The US influence was strongly felt there and it just didn’t really feel like I was in another country with a strong and different culture.  Except for the natives in their native attire, and Spanish being the predominant language, it simply felt like I was just back in the States.  Again, I wouldn’t say to count out Panama for your travels as there are wonderful and beautiful places to visit within it, it’s just that for my personal tastes, other countries stand out more in my mind.  Logistically it was very easy to navigate, the currency was SUPER easy to get on with, since it’s the same (dollar) and once again, I never felt unsafe throughout the country.  I did avoid the Colon region though because I did hear it wasn’t that safe.  Though I don’t know for sure whether that’s just what people say about it, or whether it’s the truth.


Boca Chica/Boca Brava


Bocas del Toro


Panama City


On to Islas San Blas

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