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Isla Bastimentos back to Bocas

So I may have built up this day more than actually necessary… But hey, such as it is, while it may not have been the most adventurous day, it was still great!  I started my day with the free breakfast (as I recall it was free, but maybe it was just a couple of dollars… In any event) then decided to just wander around a bit more.  Red Frog beach was not the only beach there of course, so I wandered past along Red Frog beach, up the road to the adjoining beach called Turtle beach!  Much like Red Frog beach, the sand was white and fine.  I spent hours once again playing in the sand and water until I could take no more and needed some lunch to replenish my energy.

I went back to the community kitchen area and made my lunch.  Sadly, someone had chosen to pick a jack fruit and place it at the bottom of the fridge.  Now, for those who don’t know, the Jack fruit is a HUGE fruit, like a gigantic watermelon.  Its skin is kind of prickly and it’s orange in color inside.  However, the Jack fruit to my nasal passages at least, absolutely stinks!!  It is the most foul smelling fruit I’ve ever encountered (aside from papaya which smells like dirty feet to me) and just like potently scented food in general, when placed in the fridge, they tend to make everything else in there smell like it.  Hence, lunch for me wasn’t the most pleasant as my sandwich smelled like Jack fruit… Yuck!! I wasn’t going to waste my food however!

In any event, the day went by quite lazily otherwise.  I went back to Turtle beach for some pictures and spent the evening getting to know fellow travelers (from Switzerland as I recall).  And by getting to know fellow travelers, I mean drinking about 70 beers between 6 or 7 people… Good times!!  But hey, the beers were cheap, about $1 a beer and I’m quite sure we just about drank them out of stock!  What made the drinking even more fun however was the games provided in the common area.  They had a Jenga game with different things written on them.  So if a block was successfully removed we all had to follow the command on the block.  They were all innocent enough (take a shot of a drink, take a drink without using your hands… Seeing a theme here?) and hours of great fun!  Eventually we all gave in and went to sleep and thankfully (and miraculously) I didn’t wake up with a hangover!!

The next day was once again quite lazy, just spending time again soaking up the beaches as I wasn’t sure exactly when I would be getting some beach time in again after leaving!  I returned to Bocas town after my third night on Isla Bastimentos and headed to another hostel just next door to the one I’d stayed in the first night (Zappos??).  It was much more accommodating to the hostel traveler and was brimming with energy!  I met a great crew from England and though I really wasn’t up for any more drinking… well as you can guess I was sucked in and went out drinking!  Some very notably good and fun bars on Bocas town are the Aqua Lounge where they have a swing and trampoline that swing and bounce you right into the water!  And the Iguana Lounge again built backing onto the water.  It had several docks going from inside the bar to the outside with underwater lighting so you could see all the critters and fish under the water surface.  It was quite great but VERY slippery!!  There were several times I almost completely biffed I, but thankfully never did!

In any event, once again we all made our way back to the hostel and passed out.  The next day I was on my way to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica!