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Red Coats & Gentlemen’s Club

Red Coat Soldiers:

  • The hats are made of real bear fur (poor bears)
  • The soldiers are actual real trained soldiers with skills (one was awarded the longest shot in recorded history- something like 200 meters and he made the target!!) and the weapons are loaded
  • Their coats are red because it was an easier color to spot in the smoke of battlefield gunfire (could tell friend from foe easily) and because it was harder to see if one was injured (a little bit of ego there…)
  • Changed positions every 5 (or was it 10?) minutes to keep skills sharp and their muscles from atrophy
  • There is now a rope and guards between tourists and the soldiers… No more being able to get right in their faces and do silly things to try and make them laugh or break their concentration!!

Gentlemen’s Club:

  • Some of the most expensive real estate properties in all of London
  • True gentlemen’s club, i.e. no ladies allowed ever, or anywhere in the building- this included workers!
  • To join you also had to be filthy rich (in addition to being male) and in some cases had to wait upwards of 20 years to get in!
  • The clubs have nothing to do with strippers or other female entertainment.  Simply a club where the good ol’ boys could get together, drink their liquor, smoke cigars and talk about the affairs of the world… sounds sinister to me if you ask me…

Random comment: Golf (the game) was first invented in Scotland as it’s own “gentlemen’s club” in a way… apparently it’s an acronym (GOLF) that stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden!  who knew…

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