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Learning Bahasa

Please note that most of the spellings are not correct as I wrote them down phonetically so I would know how to properly say them:) Words with an asterisk are also Malay words:)

Common Phrases:

Terima Kasi: Thank you
Sama sama: You’re welcome
Senang Bertemo Dengan Anda: Nice to meet you
Sama: Same
Lagi: Again
Tidak: No
Ya: Yes
Awas: Caution
Ah-ir: Water (spelled air!)
Ah-peh-too: What is…
Bantu: Help

Food Related:

Nasi: Rice
Goreng: Fried
Nasi Goreng: Fried Rice
Tellure: Egg
Ayam: Chicken
Eakan: Fish
Bebe: Duck
Pedis: Spicy
Sawa: Rice field
Sai-yo-ran: Vegetables
Ja-goo: Corn
Pee-sang: Banana
Kuh-lap-ah: Coconut
Sumanka: Watermelon
Lombok: Chili
Enak: Delicious
Timunsuri: Cucumber
Tebu: Sugar Cane
Gula: Sugar


1: Satu
2: Dua
3: Tiga
4: Empat
5: Lima
6: Enam
7: Tujuh
8: Delapan
9: Sembilan
10: Sepuluh


Panas: Hot
Matahari: Sun
Hujan: Rain

Around the House:

Baskom: Bowl
Too-chee: Wash
Coors-see: Chair
Back-eye-ya: Clothes
Room-ah: House
Bolla: ball
Booku: Book
Kamarmandi: Bathroom
Tempat Tidur: Bedroom
Sendok: Spoon
Pee-ring: Plate
Pisau: Knife
Meja: Table
Atap: Roof
Glass: Glass


Saudara Laki-Laki: Brother
Saudara Perempuan: Sister
Mama: Mother
Papa: Father
Keluahgu: Family


Marah: Angry
Hore: Happy
Berisik: Silent, be quiet
Menangis: Cry
Pintar: Clever
Bodoh: Stupid

Body Parts:

Tangan: Hand
Kaki: Foot
Mata: Eyes
Telinga: Ears
Hidung: Nose
Muka: Face
Ramboot: Hair

Animal Related:

Binatang: Animals
Kandang: Pen for animals
Anjing: Dog
Kuching: Cat
Nyamuk: Mosquito
Monyet: Monkey
Bulu: Fur


Asap: Smoke
Ah-pee: Fire
Toe-pee: Hat
Sapu: Broom
Belajar: Study
Kayu: Wood
Jangan: Finished
Gatal: Itchy
Loop-ah: Forget
Besok: Tomorrow
Bunga: Flower
Najis: Dirty
Haram: Forbidden
Halal: Allowed
Chantik: Beautiful
Gagah: Handsome
Kerya Bagus: Good job
Besar: Fat
Gigit: Bite
Aurat: means women must be covered from head to their wrists and ankles
Muhrim: You can’t be affectionate with others unless they are family or your spouse

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Gatwick & Airport Fun (Leaving the UK)

Well, after about a month in Scotland, it was time to head to Gatwick and take off for Italy!!  After giving my many thanks to Anna for her hospitality, I left Glasgow via train and headed straight down to Gatwick.  I had booked a little B&B for the night (it took almost all day to get from Glasgow to Gatwick so it was a good thing I left the day before my flight!!) called Da Vinci Gatwick Guest House.  For 40 pounds (yea I know it was pricey but I got my own room/bathroom, breakfast and after traveling all day I enjoyed a little pamper:)) I reserved a single room only about 10 minutes from the airport.

Though a little pricey, I really enjoyed the Da Vinci Guest House!!  I found it comfortable, quaint, warming, welcoming and over all just had a great vibe!  The people who owned, or at least who took care of it are Latin American (I could hear them speaking Spanish) and the woman at least was very accommodating, polite and welcoming!  I didn’t get any actual chat time with the man, that’s why I only mention the woman:)  Though when I made my reservation over the phone, I spoke with a man (maybe the same one??) and he was very polite and accommodating too.  They even provided me with a number of a taxi service that they use that costs half what other taxis cost (according to them) and they picked you up right from the train station.

Quick note here though about taxis… CARRY CASH!!!  AT ALL TIMES CARRY CASH TO PAY THE TAXIS!!!!  Otherwise they will charge you a fee of 7 pounds to use a credit card!!!!!!  Yup, it happened to me… I was fuming!!  Though of course that was on the way to the airport, so what could I do??  The fee almost cost as much as the fare!!!  Consider yourselves warned!!

In any event, the night at the B&B was spent picking off ticks from my forearms (only 4 of them and they were babies, so it didn’t take that long!) and going out for a bite to eat at the local (potentially only) pub and restaurant just walking distance down the road.  The food was great (surprisingly very international!!) and the beers were splendid as always.  Needless to say that night was a quiet one as I prepped to take off the next day.

Because my flight was in the afternoon (6pm) but I had to be out of the B&B by 11am, I opted to just go to the airport and wait until my time to board.  Unfortunately, Vueling Airlines only allows people to check-in 2 hours before their flight, so I had to sit and wait (with my very heavy bag since I was carrying gifts) from basically 11am to 4pm before being able to get rid of my bag and go through security… I finally got checked in and through security, then the cutest thing happened…

As anyone who has ever been to the airport knows, past security there are a ton of shops and stores, and restaurants.  The larger the airport, the more there are!  Gatwick was quite busy and had a ton of places to shop and eat!  I stopped by one place to grab a slice of pizza (easy, cheap and I hadn’t eaten all day!!) then wandered around to find a quiet spot to play a game on my tablet…

I was there all of a few minutes when all of a sudden an elderly woman came by and asked “con permiso, habla Espanol?”  Translation: Excuse me, do you speak Spanish?  To which I responded “Yes, a little” (in spanish of course) and that’s all it took!  She was off!!  Thankfully I actually did understand what she was saying despite her speaking a mile a second!!  She was on her way to Orlando but her flight in Gatwick was delayed and she had no way to contact her family because for some reason she couldn’t get her phone to work and no one in the Gatwick airport spoke Spanish and she couldn’t find anyone to help her because she doesn’t speak and English…

I kinda had to chuckle, because she was just too cute!!  In any event, I explained that her phone didn’t work because she did not have a SIM card for the UK (she was from Spain btw) and I offered her to call her family with my Skype account on my tablet.  She was very thankful, made her phone call to let her family know about her situation, thanked me profusely and went on her way.

I simply went back to my game playing when all of a sudden, about 5 minutes later she snuck back around one again asking for help, lol!!  Poor thing!!!  My heart broke for her and loved her all at once!!  Anyway, she handed me two slips of paper and asked if I could tell her what it was all about.  The first was her boarding ticket for the plane.  But there was no gate assigned to the ticket, only the flight number and seat number.  So I explained that because the flight was delayed, they didn’t know what gate the plane would actually be at and that we would have to simply watch the monitors for departures to see what gate it would be once it was announced.  She got a good handle on that, then I looked at the second slip.  It was a voucher for 5 pounds from British Airways to redeem for food or a beverage at any of the food shops to make up for the delay in the flight.  I explained this to her, then asked if she was hungry.  She said yes, and I offered that if she was interested in pizza, I just happened to know of a place that sold a large slice for 5 pounds… She agreed, so I took her to the food shop, ordered her the pizza to go, paid the shop with the food voucher and gave her the slice.

At this point, as chance would have it I checked the monitor to see if my flight was announced yet, and in fact both mine AND her flight were announced, lol!!  So I told her that the gate for her flight was ready, walked her to her gate (mine was on the way anyway!) then went on to mine:)  She was very thankful, but honestly the whole experience just warmed my heart to be able to help her, so really I thank her!!

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