Tasty Waves Cantina

I’ve got to mention Tasty Waves… Of course there are several other great bars and restaurants to be at in town (Lazy Mon for open mic-night on Sunday nights; Tex-Mex if you like to get high any time of the day or night; Mango’s is great for any night of the week to chill with a drink and friends) but I’ve got to mention my favorite: Tasty Waves Cantina.

Located just 2 km south of the main town of Puerto Viejo on Cocles beach, Tasty Waves is a fun mix of relaxation, good food, good company, incredible beach views and of course, Tasty Tuesday!  You see, each place in P.V. has one night a week at least where everyone goes there to support the business or hang out in general.  Lazy Mon is Sunday night, Tasty Waves had a movie night Mondays, Tasty Waves had their Tasty Tuesday, their largest party of the week every Tuesday, and well… the rest of the week it was generally to Mango’s…

There is actually another bar that was mostly where the locals went called Johnny’s… Anyway, I would advise to stay away from there as many times the locals are packing heat and aren’t afraid to suddenly bust out their guns during altercations… not kidding either!  There was one time I was standing in line for the bathroom and suddenly the sound of gunshots rang inside just on the dance floor… Everyone ran out of the building and those waiting in line for the bathroom with me dropped to the floor…. I on the other hand, didn’t quite register that it was in fact a GUN that went off… so I stood there looking around thinking WTF??  Until it dawned on me to which I slowly crouched down myself… Anyway I digress

Anyway, I definitely recommend that if you are ever in Puerto Viejo, stop by Tasty Waves to see my boys Bryton and Jackson, have a beer and a delicious taco, hang your flip flops on the boneyard wall and be sure to join in the party on Tuesday night, where you may “have 99 problems but a b*tch” won’t be one!


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