Nail Fashion

Not a huge story here… Just a little fun story about how the regular crew of the sailboat sometimes killed time on the boat… They had actually quite the impressive array of nail polishes!!  And to busy themselves when nothing else was really going on they would paint their nails!  So on one day when myself and the German woman were also looking to kill time, we asked if we could join the fellas in painting our nails too:)  They shared their loot of polishes with us and we began the fun times of painting our nails colors and designing random images or symbols on each nail.  At one point I painted one of my nails black with a white skull and crossbones… The crew noticed this and each ended up wanting one of their own!  So for the next, at least half hour or so, I was busy painting skulls and crossbones on fingers and toes of the crew boys, lol!!  Just a fun time!  You can see pictures of the nail “art” in the pictures section:)


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