3 Brothers

The Crew of our sailboat consisted of 3 brother.  Interesting story about them though is that they were somewhat separated when very young.  I’m honestly not entirely sure they are all full brothers (same mother but different fathers if memory serves) but basically one was taken to the States and raised there while the other two were raised in France.  They all lead separate lives until adulthood when as chance would have it they came together again and decided to live on the ocean taking tourists from place to place.

They were all quite knowledgeable about the sail boat.  The American more than the others as I believe it was he who had all the initial experience, and then his brothers simply learned along the way.  What was funny about the three of them in particular however was that the American only spoke English and some Spanish.  One of the other brothers only spoke French and some Spanish and the third brother spoke some English, some Spanish but mainly French.  So needless to say communication at times was… well… rather interesting to say the least!  Generally everything was fine, but during one storm in particular it was a little nerve wracking because one would yell out a command in one language, the receiver wouldn’t understand, so would yell back that he didn’t understand, then the first wouldn’t hear what he said (the storm winds were hard to talk over) so would yell back “what?!?!” and, well, you get the picture!  Definite loss in translation!!!

They were all three quite interesting characters and really nice people.  At first, as it is first meeting any new people there was a bit of awkwardness, especially since we (the tourists) were essentially their house guests for the duration of the entire trip, but any awkwardness was soon over and all went well.

Oh, one more specific note to mention… Because we did have two French men on board our meals were absolutely delicious!!  Breakfast, lunch and dinner was cooked when required and was pretty much made from scratch!  How in the world he pulled off half of te stuff he cooked from that teeny kitchen and oven I will never know but it was dang impressive and delicious!!


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