Fish and Sick…

So the next day as mentioned before was a different story on deck.  Several of the guys were leaning over periodically (they were nicely polite about it at least!!!) and vomiting into the ocean.  Usually just the sight or sound of someone else vomiting would be enough to send me over the edge, but luckily with the sea air coming at me on force I was able to prevent any sympathetic vomiting!  The worst of the bunch was sadly the man from Britain.  He had opted to stay out on deck and sleep and lord knows what happened to him because when he woke he firstly felt terrible and second looked terrible!  His eyes were swollen and almost looked like he had been punched as several colors were also surrounding his eyes.  He staved off being physically sick until…

One of the Aussies decided he wanted to do some deep sea fishing!  Men!  Anyway, right off the bat one of them got injured because he put his thumb on the line that was getting cast in the ocean and he ended up burning his thumb pretty well!  It swelled into a huge blister that looked quite painful!  Anyway, another of the guys left his line out and ended up actually catching a fish!  There were cheers all around until he found out that he had to clean the kill himself… Well, apparently he’d never done that before so what ensued from him trying to do so literally looked like a scene out of a seriously sadistic horror flick!  There was blood absolutely everywhere!!  Mind you at this point the Brit was still on deck trying to sleep of his overall feeling of absolute horrible-ness and right next to his head was the bloody massacre of a fresh fish… needless to say he had to get up and finally succumb to sea sickness by vomiting overboard.


Anyway, after that rather rough morning start, things went well.  The fish massacre was all cleaned up and we were heading toward the immigration offices to get our exit stamp from Panama before heading through the San Blas Islands.  The islands themselves are absolutely breathtaking!!!  My only regret is that I didn’t take down the coordinates of each island we visited… Anyway, once getting to our first island all there was to do was swim, swim, swim, snorkel, walk around the islands and swim some more!  The waters were so clear and warm and just so darn beautiful!!  It’s easy to see why the Kuna people fought so much for them!

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